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News  1. Sept 2014

Best Solder for Audio:

We now have one if the most neutral Solder available that is possible.


10 meters (ca 1 mm diam.) cost 10 €.


It does not determine the sound like some others but is very neutral and lets the true merits your gear play out freely.

As audio fans often are unaware the solder and especially the flux play a more important role in the sound quality than audio fans and manufacrurers would like.

The problem is that all soldered connections have a cycle while they are burnt in which has quite ups and downs. That means it depends on what point of the cycle one tries to determine the sound qhality.

You don't have a bad day if it sounds worse, it's the cycle not you.

There are some solders around that start with an incredible quality and musicality but can't hold it after they are burnt in. It has to do that the flux crystalizes and therefore creates spots of impurity in the soldered connection.

Especially certain rosin flux dolders can degrade to a degree where they totally sound sterile.

Our lead free solder retains very good overall qualities even after burnt in.



What We Offer

Power Supply Units:

Every device you use for audio and for making music greatly benifits from a Kueng Sonics PSU:

- Labtops, Netbooks

- External Hard Drives

- Phono-Preamps

- Analogue Turntables

- Squeeze Boxes

- Pro-Ject gear

- And more ...

Sound improvement over the PSUs that are originally delivered with the devices is incredible, much more realistic, natural and stable, cleaner and with better sound stage, you can hear louder without fatigue.

With labtops and netbooks even the quality of the screen improves noticably.

They are based on a unique hybrid voltage regulator design + all the findings I gathered about wiring and soldering techniques.



A basic single DC unit& nbsp; with 12VA costs €240 for example, a dual AC with 2 x 25VA is the same price

One for a labtop or netbook with 19 Volts and 5 Amps is for €490

Sound improvement normally is incredible, much more realistic, natural and stable, cleaner and with better sound stage, you can hear louder without fatigue.


What experts say about the PSU:

And the results simply FLOORED ME!!!

This is a piece of genius.

I Just encourage to make this one of your brands

and sell them. Im happy to write a review or promo

(BelCanto and Tellurium refer to me already..)

Very stout, bass and midrange driven sound which I simply love.


Prof. Kai Ekholm, Helsinki, Finland

Writes for http://www.inner-magazines.com/


USB Cables:

Our USB cables  improve the sound enormously, among other things they are based on a unique length harmonizing effect, the LE (length module) is 16 cm.

Pricing USB cables

Basic configuration costs €50 with €10 for every 16 cm length module.

So one with 96 cms is €50 + 6 x €10 = €110.


More products are to be added with time and after thorough tests !


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